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Planning, Assisting…helping you with your plans, your events or your business ideas, your way..

Peta has immersed herself within the local community of the mid North Coast, bringing together her corporate background and business experience with her passion for the community and helping others with their project management strategies to launch PA YourWay.

PA YourWay not only can assist you in planning your strategy to communicate your business ideas and make them come to fruition, but can also draw upon leading third party relationships in key areas to bring together a project managed solution to assist small businesses plan and start their journey “YourWay”.

PA YourWay can project management your key events, assist your fundraising objectives, help plan and manage your projects, assist you with your communication strategies and help manage other types of objectives that require extra support in planning or assisting.

PA YourWay utilises a number of third-party relationships in key areas to bring together the complete package to assist small businesses find their way. This may include but is not limited to larger project management groups, financial specialists, experienced brand and graphic design developers, marketing experts and new media production houses including photography, video and digital platform enhancers.

Peta Anisa

Our Services

— How PA YourWay can help your business —

Content Creation/Communications

Assisting small business with their content creation across digital and traditional media platforms. From copy writing to liaising with production houses, to bring together visual imagery to enhance your content.

Event Planning

If you are planning an event, let PA YourWay assist you.

PA YourWay can liaise and manage third parties to take the stress out of your event. From stylists, designers, florists, caterers, equipment hire companies, entertainment options, photographers and video production, the list goes on. 

From private parties, to social events, charitable events, or corporate functions and product launches, look no further than PA YourWay.

Projects and Management

Drawing upon leading third party relationships in key areas to bring together a project managed solution for individuals and small business ideas. Helping you prioritise and work out key objectives to bring your project to fruition and completion.


— What our clients say —

PA your way has really helped our small business come to life. We found Peta reliable, personable and professional in all aspects of our work together.

Our branding and ‘story’ about our business was really a huge part of our way forward and Peta had great ideas & motivated us to act now and look at our business from an outsider’s perspective.

Our online platform & ideas for the photoshoot gives our business brand a professional feel and we can’t wait to start selling through the website.

Thank you Peta 🙂

Lisa & Todd


Peta organised a 40th birthday party on a property at Telegraph Point and my partner and I were invited to play some tunes…

When we arrived we were wowed by the setup!

The stage was set for an awesome event…

From the large outdoor gazebo, decked out with comfy couches and chairs and a very impressive line-up of drinks and lavish trays of nibbles to the raging inviting fire to warm up whilst enjoying  the view of the party….

There was a dance floor which had plenty of use as the guests grooved to the 2 musical acts…

And then there was the food…..!

The catering was second to none, full meals were offered and not to mention the cocktail bar, it was certainly equipped with all one needs for a fabulous event..!

As if we weren’t full enough out came the desserts, I can honestly say I have never seen such awesome treats available, I thought it rude to not try everything…!

Think you might want to sit down with your full tummy…Nah how about a birthday dancing train!

With Stevie Wonders ‘Happy  Birthday to you’ pumping thru the speakers, we just had the best time singing and laughing as the train made its way thru the birthday girl’s amazing home !

Ok then it was time to take a seat in the outdoor lounge room, but not for long as the fabulous Chris Rose band just rocked on and had the dance floor full once again….

At no stage thru the evening was Peta not checking on everyone and she was certainly never without her gorgeous smile. I honestly cannot remember a birthday party this good ever, we were invited as musicians not knowing many and left with new friends…

Peta, I want you to organise my next party xx

Raye Alford

Peta’s perspective and professionalism changed the way we do business.

She attended for a farm visit to learn about our process and quickly worked out that a website would simplify our ordering process.

Peta’s skill in digital medial consulting meant that she was able to create a thoughtful and elegant solution that was up and running in only a few weeks. She created a website that beautifully showcases our brand and product in an accessible way.

Avocado Jo was growing and receiving orders via text, phone, Instagram and Facebook. I had started to receive regular enquiries about our fruit and delivery and I needed a professional channel for our customers to connect with us.

Peta took the time to understand the aim of Avocado Jo. The tailored content she created provided us with an identity and a way to share our story with our customers.

Jo Houghton

Avocado Jo

Peta is a legend who will help you organise the PARTY OF YOUR LIFE! Peta was recommended to me from some local friends to help me with my 40th. She helped me plan the event, find and communicate with the venue and band, design invites, organise transport and style the evening. Everyone had the best night full of dancing and singing and there is no way I could have done an event like this without her help. I highly recommend her services for any party or wedding event. You will not be disappointed.

Georgia Ritchie

“Thank you Peta for your love, passion and expertise in working with me from the ground up to turn a dream of mine into reality and to what is now a thriving small business. 

 ‘SMART Pilates really would not be where it is today without you!’

Peta’s attention to detail and efficiency really is remarkable.  She listens and really studies your market to give you creative ideas and a plan to take your business to the next level.  I really had so much fun working with Peta. Her advice on small business from logo, website, booking systems to financials and planning was really invaluable for me.  She has so much enthusiasm and expertise in this field to offer small businesses.

Thanks to Peta I am now running SMART Pilates studio with the professionalism and confidence only 18 months on.

To choose Peta and PA Your Way to reach your business goals is the best investment!

Smart Pilates Port Macquarie

Belinda Johnson

Founder/Director, SMART Pilates

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